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TrackIT Systems Technology

TrackIT Systems Technology

TrackIT, LLC provides the right radio frequency identification (RFID) wireless solution; one with high data rates to accommodate multiple streams of digital data, low power consumption for battery-powered devices, secure data transfer, and low cost for the healthcare market, which was once elusive. Wireless standards such as IEEE802.11 and Bluetooth fall exceedingly short of meeting the strict standards that today’s health care providers require to meet government mandates for patient privacy and to control rising cost (See the White Paper UWB vs Wi-Fi in our product library). The combined assimilation of a new emerging technology called ultra-wideband along with TrackIT’s software applications makes for a very powerful long-term solution that the healthcare market necessitates. Once the basic TrackIT infrastructure is in place, many management tools suddenly become available.

The company has developed an advanced method and system for accurately locating small transceiver devices attached to people and objects in time and space, and for sending and receiving digital data from these same devices. A small radio transceiver commonly referred to as an “electronic tag” or simply a tag is attached to a person or object. The tagged entity is then accurately accounted for in real time, as to its precise location with an accuracy between 6 and 12 inches. The TrackIT system reports the location of the tag in a two dimensional or three dimensional formats. The system can also relate chronological data to play back or report the historical path that the tagged entity traveled at any time in the past. The tags are also capable of wirelessly sending or receiving secure data packets from integrated components to which the tag is attached with performance levels exceeding the capabilities of Bluetooth or any of the IEEE802.11 standards.

The TrackIT system is radio agnostic and will work with all existing wireless standards. However, the heart of the manufacturer’s various intellectual properties and the key components that distinguish it from all other competing products available is its use of ultra-wideband technology (UWB) and a proprietary technology known as wireless integrated networks (WINS), or self-assembling intelligent networks. These technologies allow for an exactitude of management and control that has never before been possible. The end result is a simple but powerful, easy to install, one-step solution that facilitates, controls and manages:


  • Hospital Assets
  • Excess Hospital Capital Expenditures
  • Patient Safety
  • Hospital Security and Access Control
  • Fast Wireless Data Transfer
  • Security of Patient Data (HIPAA)
  • Hospital Personnel
  • Hospital Communications
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Emergency and Disaster Response


The TrackIT WHCS was specifically designed to:

  • Improve Quality, Reduce Cost of Patient Care
  • Decreases the number of medical and medication errors
  • Increases patient throughput without compromising care
  • Increases the value of patient visits
  • Improves overall resource management
  • Improves disaster management capabilities


The TrackIT WHCS technology platform is:

  • Safe, Secure, and Fast Wireless IT Infrastructure
  • Avoids signal interference between technologies
  • Complies with HIPAA legislation to ensure patient and medical records privacy
  • Has high speed ability to carry vast data loads
  • Maximizes investments in existing enterprise and LAN systems
  • Improves charge capture rates for more accurate billing

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